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Scientific publications

2019/in press

Casalicchio, Jan & Federica Cognola (accepted for publication). Parametrising subject-finite verb inversion across V2 languages. On the role of Relativised Minimality at the vP edge. In Biberauer, T, S. Wolfe & R. Woods (eds.), Rethinking Verb Second. Oxford University Press. [preprint]

Ciconte, Francesco Maria (accepted for publication). Postverbal subjects in old Italo-Romance. In D. Bentley & S. Cruschina, Non-canonical postverbal subjects. Thematic issue of the Italian Journal of Linguistics. [preprint]

Ciconte, Francesco Maria. La posizione del soggetto e dell’oggetto nel siciliano antico. Bollettino del Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani, 29. [preprint] 

D’Alessandro, Roberta (in press). Agreement across the board. Topic agreement in Ripano. In Katharina Hartmann, Johannes Mursell and Peter W. Smith (eds), Agree to Agree: Agreement in the Minimalist Programme. Open Generative Syntax 4. Language Science Press. [preprint]

D’Alessandro, Roberta (in press). Agreement. In Ledgeway, Adam, and Martin Maiden (eds), Cambridge Handbook of Romance Linguistics. Cambridge, CUP. [1st draft]

D’Alessandro, R. & Luana Sorgini. 2019. Mə tε magnatə. Perifrasi modali in abruzzese orientale . Bollettino del Centro di studi filologici e linguistici siciliani. [1st draft]

Leivada, Evelina, Kleanthes K. Grohmann & Roberta D’Alessandro. 2019. Eliciting big data from small, young, or non-standard languages: 10 experimental challenges. Frontiers in Psychology 10, 313. DOI=10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00313  [full article]


Casalicchio, Jan & Federica Cognola. ‘V2 and (micro)-variation in two Rhaeto-Romance varieties of Northern Italy’, in R. D’Alessandro and D. Pescarini, Advances in Italian Dialectology. Sketches of Italo-Romance grammars. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 72-105. [preprint]

Casalicchio, Jan & Andrea Padovan. ‘Das Zweifache Komplementierersystem im Zimbrischen. Romanische Entlehnung und Eigenentwicklung’, in S. Rabanus (ed.), Deutsch als Minderheitensprache in Italien. Theorie und Empirie kontaktinduzierten Sprachwandels. Special issue, Germanistische Linguistik, 183-210.

Ciconte, Francesco Maria. Soggetto e oggetto nell’italo-romanzo antico. Studi e Saggi Linguistici, LVI (1), 97-135. [preprint]

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Cognola, Federica & Jan Casalicchio. On the null-subject phenomenon: an example of successful linguistic research, in F. Cognola & J. Casalicchio (eds.), Understanding Null Subjects. A Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective. Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 1-30. [preprint]

D’Alessandro, Roberta and Diego Pescarini (eds). Advances in Italian Dialectology. Leiden: Brill.

Van Oostendorp, Marc & Roberta D’Alessandro. Metaphony as magnetism. In Mirko Grimaldi, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco, Benedetta Baldi (eds), Structuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond.  John Benjamins. [preprint]


Bauer, Roland & Jan Casalicchio. ‘Morphologie und Syntax im Projekt ALD-DM’, in P. Videsott & R. Videsott (edd.), VII Colloquium Retoromanistich 2017.  Contribuc/Tagungsakten/Atti. Vol. 1. Special issue of Ladinia 41, 81-108.

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D’Alessandro, Roberta. When you have too many features: Auxiliaries, agreement and clitics in Italian varietiesGlossa: a journal of general linguistics, 2(1), 50. DOI:

D’Alessandro, Roberta and Diego Pescarini (eds). Advances in Italo-Romance dialectology. Grammars and Sketches of the World’s Languages/Romance series. Brill.

D’Alessandro, Roberta, Passino, Diana, Thornton, Anna M., and Gabriele Iannaccaro (eds). Di tutti i colori. Studi linguistici in onore di Maria GrossmannUtrecht University.