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The FARMM initiative organizes the first Challenge, a workshop oriented at providing an answer to specific questions to a specific dataset within a relevant phenomenon. The event will be held…

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Andrés Saab visiting Microcontact

Andrés Saab (CONICET, Buenos Aires) will give the next set of Utrecht Theoretical Linguistics Lectures. His crash course will be entitled Case conflicts and A-movement: DOM, doubling and clitics in Rioplatense Spanish.    The course…

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Talk by Jan Casalicchio in Konstanz

Today, Thursday 15 November, Jan Casalicchio will give a talk at the University of Konstanz with the title Acquiring a minority language in a trilingual society: the influence of German and…

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UTL Lectures by Theresa Biberauer

Theresa Biberauer, from the University of Cambridge and the Stellenbosch University, will inaugurate the second season of the Utrecht Theoretical Linguistics Lectures with a crash course on Three factors, variation, contact on October…

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Talk by Jan Casalicchio at ComSyn (Leiden University)

On October 4, Jan Casalicchio will give a ComSyn lecture at Leiden University on The subject/object asymmetry and the origin of Romance clitics. For more information, check https://romancelab.weblog.leidenuniv.nl/2018/09/27/thursday-4-october-jan-casalicchio/.

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MicroContact at LAGB Annual Meeting 2018

The MicroContact team was present at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain, which took place in Sheffield on September 11-14 2018. The following talks were delievered…

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