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Alberto and Luana at WoSSP 15

On June 28-29, Alberto Frasson and Luana Sorgini will take part in the 15th Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Phonology (WoSSP) in Barcelona. Alberto will give a talk entitled Talian…

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Language policy in Italy

This article appeared yesterday on the front page of La Repubblica. It is about language policy in research in Italy, and it is co-authored by Roberta and senator Elena Cattaneo….

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Citizen Science Lab: Sampling Language and Culture

Roberta D’Alessandro will participate in the Lorentz Center Workshop Citizen Science Lab: Sampling Language and Culture, which she co-organized. She will give a talk with the title Crowdsourcing data: what’s good and…

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Jan, Francesco and Roberta at GLOW 41

On April 11, Jan, Francesco, and Roberta will present a poster at GLOW41 in Budapest, with the title On phasal domains and the difference between subject and object clitics.

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The Interactive Atlas is now online!

The interactive atlas for data crowdsourcing is finally online! Help us collect data from Italo-Romance varieties in the Americas and in Italy! The atlas is here.

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Talk by Alessandro De Angelis

Alessandro De Angelis (University of Messina) will be visiting Utrecht University tomorrow (Friday 1 December). He will give a short talk on DOM and definite articles in Romance, with the title Articolo definito…

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Talk by Jan Casalicchio at UdG

On December 19, Jan Casalicchio will give a talk at the University of Girona on Gerundios e infinitivos en español e italiano: un análisis contrastivo (“Gerunds and infinitives in Spanish and…

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