Talk by Silvia Terenghi at IGG46

Silvia Terenghi will give a talk at IGG 46 with the title Non-primary person features and the evolution of Romance ternary demonstrative systems

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Talk by Alberto Frasson at IGG 46

Alberto Frasson will give a talk with Jan Casalicchio (former project member) at IGG46. The talk is entitled Spatial anchoring in a heritage Trentino variety: evidence for a Logophoric Centre

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IGG Siena – poster

On the 22-27 February, the Microcontact team will participate in the IGG 46  Workshop on Multilingualism in Siena with a poster entitled Structural vs typological similarity in microcontact: a view from heritage Italo-Romance

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Discovering Linguistics – Linguistic Discovery talk in Ghent

Roberta D’Alessandro will give a talk in Ghent within the Discovering Linguistics – Linguistic Discovery series, on the 8th of February. The talk will be entitled What microcontact tells us about language Abstract: 08 February 2021: Roberta D’Alessandro (U Utrecht), “What microcontact tells us about language” – Discovering Linguistics — Linguistic Discoveries (ugent.be)

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Silvia Terenghi at CamCos

Silvia is going to give a talk on Structural differences in the syntax of person indexicals (abstract) at the Cambridge Comparative Syntax (CamCoS) 9 on Friday 11 at 12:45 UK time.  

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