Microcontact at SLE Zurich

Jan Casalicchio and Francesco Ciconte attended the SLE conference in Zurich, which took place on September 10-13. Jan Casalicchio presented a paper entitled The syntax of embedded gerunds in Romance. Francesco Ciconte presented a paper entitled Postverbal subjects in old Italo-Romance. Stay tuned for the drafts!

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The conference Generative Syntax. Questions, Crossroads and Challenges, organized by one of our project collaborators, Ángel Gallego, is about to start in Barcelona. Roberta D’Alessandro will give a talk entitled The achievements of Generative Grammar. A time chart and some considerations. For the last sixty years, Generative Grammar (GG) has been the dominant approach in the…

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4 new project members!

Four new project members have been selected to join our team between July and August. Jan Casalicchio (post-doc), will be working on the diachrony of Italo-Romance varieties in contact with Italian. Jan is now post-doc at the University of Trento, and is an expert of both diachronic syntax and northern Italo-Romance languages. Luana Sorgini, PhD candidate, from…

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